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Community-Based Early Warning Systems for Flash Flood

Beyond computer-aided forecast systems, web-based data acquisition systems, ALERT and flood risk assessments, you need the real status of rainstorm around your site to take action for disaster mitigation in time especially for flash flood.
TWSI announced a series of cost-effective local early warning systems for variable applications with the key functions to monitor multiple rainfall intensities and alert at each warning status.

Smart StormPanel plus tipping bucket rain gauge, cable connected or wireless
Super water level transmitter with long-range but low cost wireless transmission
Smart multipoint water level detector for low cost applications
Digital displacement transmitter or event-triggered crackmeter for landslide monitoring
Digital soil saturation transmitter for debris flow monitoring

  • Multiple bright LED displays help getting information for rainstorm at a glance
  • Displays rainfall for past 10minute, 1hour, 3hour, and 6,12,24hours simultaneously
  • Multiple dynamic level data displays the level and rising rate (Optional)
  • Smart buzzer alarm with multiple easy re-settable warning thresholds for taking refuge
  • Smart power-saving and built-in backup battery provides 24 hours warning during power-lose
  • Large flash memory for multiple logging afford long-term data acquisition and event records
  • Easy data output via RS-232/RS-485 interface help most communication requirements
    Optional GSM modem for SMS at each alarm
  • Low power wireless transmission with long range up to 1km help system installations
  • Secondary Input water level, soil saturation and digital wire displacement for landslide, etc.
  • Event trigger of water level or displacement monitoring assure the instant of rising.
  • Low cost and flexible combinations for variable applications
  • Precision level measurement with no filtering and transmission in time improves the accuracy of prediction
  • Urban flash flood warning system for lives
  • Urban flood warning system for below-grade parking garage
  • Pump station monitoring system
  • Water intake control system
  • Debris flow early warning system
  • Real time landslide monitoring system
Rainfall: tipping bucket default 0.5mm resolution, cable connected,optional local area wireless
              transmitter range to 700m
Water level: CET Float operated level transducer with local range wireless transmitter, 5mm of level
              fluctuation-triggered transmission
Displacement; digital wire crackmeter with 1mm resolution and event triggered transmission excepting
              regular wireless transmission

Wireless Transmission:
Transmission frequency: 433 Mhz
Transmission range: up to 1km LOS
Transmitter: timely and event triggered with LCD active 30mA/6V, standby 0.2mA
Receiver: receives 8 sensors with ID, LCD display and output to system, cable powered