Digital Position Transducer


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Pre-warning for debris, Rock-fall, Land-Slide

position of gate



Innovative Instruments for Landslide and Flash Flood


Data Acquisition and Repeater (TW-86RT)


Digital Wire Extensometer (TW-231S)

1.     InputContact closure for Rain and RS-232 for wireless Receiver

2.     PowerSolar with built-in battery

3.     Display4x16 LCD data display


1.     TypeConstant torque spring loaded

2.     Measuring Range4m

3.     Resolution1 mm

4.     Accuracy± 0.1 % F.S.

4.     OutputRS-232 to GPRS and FSK to VHF Transmitter

5.     Data logger512k Flash memory

Data intervals1/5/10/60 minutes

5.     Pulse signal20 ms pulse for every 1mm increment / decrement.6     OutputAbsolute Serial Data String

7.     Wire tension1.5kg

1.     Measuring CableDiameter 0.9mm nylon-coated stainless steel

External tension wire30m length Maximum

Wireless Transmitter (TW-348T)


Wireless Receiver (TW-348R)

1.   Tx interval1/10 minutes and triggered by pulse

2.   Display4 digit 10mm LCD

3.   Frequency433/434MHz


1.   Frequency433MHz/434MHz

2.   Data RxHeader +ID code+ data value+CRC-16

3.   RangeBy Tx power (700 m)

4.   Data string Header+ ID code+ data value+CRC-16

5.   RF power25 mW

Power supplyDC 6V battery or 3.6V lithium battery; replaceable once per 2~5 year.

4.   Standby current10 mA

5.   Display10mm LCD

OutputRS-232/RS-485 port, ID+ data string; with additional output port for wireless rain gauge

Smart StormPanel (TW-86RP/TW-84RP)


Rain Gauge (TW-210S)

1.   Displays11sets, 4digits, 25mm character height red LED display.

2.   Dynamic displaysDynamic integrate and display for 10min to 24hrs, with six it all


1.    TypeTipping-bucket

2.    Orifice200±6 mm

3.    Resolution0.5 mm/pulse

4.    Accuracy:≦±3 %

MaterialS304 stainless steel

3.   Alert functionThe built-in buzzer alert device automatically can sound alarm when values exceed pre-set threshold value.

4.   Power-saving & backupSmart power saving mode, the panel works for more than 36 hrs with built-in battery during AC power failure.

5.   Data loggerThe built-in 512k flash memory can store rainfall data for 420 days (5min/per).

6. Dimensions650x350x60mm, wall hanging weatherproof coated aluminum frame.ems of rainfall intensity and accumulated rainf


Cable-Extension Float-Operated level transducer (TW-264S/TW-265S)

1.    TypeFloat operated, spring loaded (suspended by single steel cable)

2.    Range6/10m

3.    Resolution5 mm /2mm

4.    Accuracy± 0.1 % F.S.

OutputAbsolute Serial Data String Stilling well:∮4~6 inch